Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials announced earlier this year that RV dump stations at rest areas statewide are closing. Officials cited the fact that the facilities need extensive repairs, an expense the state is not equipped to handle.

“Not only do these RV waste-handling facilities require hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repairs, but the functional lives of rest-area septic systems are significantly reduced when RV holding tanks containing harsh chemicals cause surge loading as they are suddenly discharged into the system,” said Bureau of Highway Operations Chief of Roadside Facilities Manager Tom Lorfeld. “The department has closed RV waste-disposal facilities throughout the state in recent years as problems or costly repairs arose, and it came to the point where we no longer could justify their continued operation.”

Waste-disposal facilities are still available at many private campgrounds throughout the state as well as more than 20 state parks, state forests and recreational areas. Wisconsin state statutes actually require that all campgrounds accommodating more than 30 RVs provide waste-management disposal facilities.