The standard water heater in most RVs (both trailers and class As) is an Atwood brand (some also have models made by Suburban). The size of your water heater is printed on a sticker on the inside of the panel. Water heaters range in capacity from 6 to 16 gallons.

Unlike residential water heaters, which are much larger, RV water heaters clog up much faster with sediment and calcium. It really depends on the quality of the water that you have been using as you travel across this great country. Obviously a good filter can promote longer life and utility from your RV’s water heater.

Therefore, a once-a-year service procedure is recommended on all RV water heaters to not only check the functionality of the unit but also to remove all of the calcium and sediment from the 2” belly below the drain plug.

Water heaters can also be the source of an odor problem (sulfur or rotten egg) if this build up of gunk gets to be too much. That is why All Pro Water Flow remains committed to include the water heater flush in our “Total RV Flush Service.”

If you want your water heater to function efficiently and use the least amount of propane and electricity, make sure you don’t neglect it. One day it will start leaking because of rust (up to an $800 repair) and COLD showers are not fun!

Happy Camping!