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We hope you’ll join us in supporting a very important need

For years now, All Pro Water Flow has been championing a very important cause. No, it’s not the need to keep your RV’s holding tanks clean and protect the investment of your RV (though that’s important too!). It has to do with our small, faithful, and loving companions — dogs and cats, especially those that have been abandoned and without a home.

We financially support the actions and efforts of the Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee, Oklahoma (ARC) and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Won’t you consider joining us with your financial support?

In central Oklahoma, most towns do not have an animal shelter and if they do, they will not take pets found outside city limits. Some even have restrictions on taking pets found inside city limits. This situation leaves many homeless pets homeless and in danger. Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee (ARC) and other rescues do what they can utilizing foster homes, but the solution is a centrally located facility with services to include adoption.

ARC is fundraising to build a tri-county (Pottawatomie, Lincoln, and Seminole counties) no-kill shelter to address this problem. ARC wants this to be a long-term solution for these pets and provide a safe place to go, get medical treatment, and be placed for adoption to a loving home. This facility would be a safe place to bring abandoned pets to be safe. The facility would also provide shots, medical services to include spay/neuter, boarding for homeless pets, and an adoption program.

The services would not only support the homeless pets brought to the facility, but it would provide services at a reduced cost for the low income, senior citizens, and disabled veterans. Providing these services will allow pets to stay in their loving homes and help control pet overpopulation thus reducing the number of strays. A central facility will open more adoption opportunities thus helping reduce the number of homeless pets.

All of the services above are provided in a more limited quantity by ARC, but a facility would attract more donations and volunteers to assist the pets of central Oklahoma. The desired outcome will be a template to assist other areas of Oklahoma to start similar facilities to make all communities have over a 90 percent live release rate where only the sick and vicious are humanely euthanized.

The purpose of the Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee will be to: 
  • Promote humane and responsible pet ownership
  • Increase public awareness of and to encourage solutions to the pet overpopulation problem
  • To conduct animal rescue, sanctuary, and adoption services
  • Promote accessibility to spay-neuter services for low-income populations
  • Assist law enforcement and government agencies to improve animal welfare conditions
  • Perform any other lawful activities for which corporations may be organized under the general corporation laws of the state of Oklahoma
Please learn more about the Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee, Oklahoma (ARC) and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and consider supporting them in any way you can.