Some APWF “dealers” are no longer authorized


Let’s make this short and two the point. Some of our older All Pro Water Flow dealers have strayed or even gone completely back on their signed dealer agreements yet may still be calling themselves an “authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer.” They are not. If you have any doubts as to who you are in contact with being an authorized dealer, you can check to see if the owner and/or company name is listed on our page of Authorized All Pro Water Flow Dealers. In the meantime, take a look at the stories for each of these below and, if desired, click on the signed contracts below to see a larger version of the agreement they signed.

Just be aware that All Pro Water Flow carefully chooses who we want to work under our name as an authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer. If they are not listed on our website, they do not fall under our cooperative group of dealers and you should use their services at your own risk and discretion.

This couple signed a contract with ALL PRO WATER FLOW on June 30th 2004. They breached their contract with us two years later and left owing $17,000.00 to ALL PRO WATER FLOW. This couple is the typical con artist that took advantage of my wife and I and continued operating our proprietary service in the state of CA until they left for AZ because of warrants for their arrest. They are currently operating in the state of AZ in the areas of Quartzsite, Yuma and Lake Havasu City under the company name of "RV PROCTOLOGIST." Be very careful dealing with this couple because they have no morals or conscience. They dropped as low as making fun of my wife while she was dying of breast cancer. She fought it bravely for 7 years and passed in 2010. He is very easy to spot at a 6’-8’’ height.

This father and son signed a contract with ALL PRO WATER FLOW on June 5th 2004 for the Phoenix, AZ territory. They breached their contract in 2010 because they thought I needed to change my nationally registered logo that was using the football for the words ALL PRO. I said no and they left ALL PRO WATER FLOW and launched their own company called TANK TECHS. They are still operating in the Phoenix area and passing off our proprietary service as their own. Just read the TANK TECHS website and the lies that Don and his son are perpetrating on the public. Also, the TANK TECHS RX that they are selling for $39.95 for a 1liter bottle can be purchased directly from the manufacturer SCD under the name of SCENT GUARD for $11.95 for the 1liter bottle. Don Zimmermann AKA Mr. Greed and a part-time preacher. Now I know where the phrase “Fleecing Of The Flock” comes from.


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