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What chemicals really do-do in your holding tanks

In our opinion, there is not one chemical that is currently on the market that truly cleans the tanks and the sensors as they all advertise. This is blatant false advertising, but instead of suing each and every chemical company, we are going to give you the facts about what chemicals really do in your black tanks.

Please remember, that we use fiber-optic cameras with our RV holding tank service and we can see these dirty tanks and sensors as they come in for service.
Every black tank chemical company advertises that their product breaks down waste or liquifies waste. Well; that is exactly what they do. They create a “sludge” or a thick “pancake-like batter” in the black tank and make it harder to get it out of the tank. In other words, these chemicals make a big “mess” in your tanks.
Then, when you pull your slider valve handles to dump your black tank, only about 80% of the “sludge” will discharge, leaving the other 20% to start coating the inside walls of the tank and the sensors. This is why 70% of the 8 million Rver’s in this country are having sensor misreading problems. Of course, the sensor is reading dirty, because the inside of the tank is dirty.

So now; you go back to the RV dealer and get some more chemical, to try and solve the problems the other chemical caused! Now, you buy a different brand and hope you will have better luck…..not so!

Folks, these chemical companies have you coming and going. It sounds to me like the tobacco industry; sell you a product that causes a problem and then “hooks you on” the product for more sales.

Now the solution; just say “no” to chemical dependency! Throw your chemicals in the trash can and learn how to discharge the holding tank waste with water only. Stop making a “mess” in your tanks.

Remember, water flow is friction and friction are what cleans tanks and sensors. The more water in and out of the tank is the best all natural cleaning agent. If you were to stop using black tank chemicals right now and ” kick the habit “, your tanks would start to self-clean themselves with the friction of water flow only, because you have stopped making a big mess in your tanks.
One final comment, think of your RV as a house. Did you have to “break down the waste” in your toilet before you flushed it? No, you did not; you let the all natural force of water flow only move the waste out of the toilet and into the city’s wastewater department. Remember, the force of water only can “polish rocks”.