Black Tank Flush Not Working
by Preston Hall | Feb 7, 2018 | Case Studies

“I have a 2006 Fleetwood Pacearrow 36B, and this is the first time I have had this problem. The black tank has a built-in San-T-Flush device that I think may be partially blocked as I am not getting the usual water pressure from it. Water is getting through, but not with enough pressure to really clean the tank. My question is, can this be cleaned somehow without having to remove the tank? I thought of possibly filling the tank and adding some sort of chemical, then let it soak for some time. I would appreciate any feedback you could offer.”
– Olwyn

Thank you for your recent email to the RV Doctor website. Sorry to hear about the issues with your tank flush. I am not a big fan of these products, simply because they are prone to failure in my opinion, and cannot adequately clean the inside of an RV holding tank in the first place. It might be good for filling and rinsing, but the gunk that builds up inside the tank (that promotes disease, shorts on monitor sensors and causes odors), is almost impervious to common water pressure simply being forced into the tank. I’ve been convinced that the better option and the only way to effectively clean the inside walls of holding tanks is by using extremely high water pressure; somewhat approaching 1,500 PSI or even higher in some cases. All Pro Water Flow is a company that performs such services. You’ll have to contact them to find the nearest service provider in your area. They actually can go as far as inserting a video camera into the holding tank before and after the cleaning process. The results are dramatic.”
– Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor (