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RV holding tank cleaning in the Pismo Beach, California area
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Company Info
Owners: Lee & Sheila Harris
Service areas: Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo (north of Los Angeles, along the coast)
Email: LeeAndSheila@SweetTanksAPWF.com
Telephone: 916-599-9734
Website: SweetTanksAPWF.com
APWF dealer since: 2020
Payment methods accepted: Cash, check, credit/debit cards

Personal Info
From: Vacaville, California
Currently located: Vacaville, California
We’re Lee and Sheila Harris and we started RVing in 2016 when we were getting ready for retirement and wanted to travel. The RV life just seemed “right” for us and we made the investment, like many RVers do. And as everyone with an RV knows, you always seem to have problems with your black and grey tanks. We were frustrated like a lot of other RVers.

We found Preston Hall and the All Pro Water Flow company. Everyone told us to get a pump truck but but Hall told us we just needed the right person — and the righ service — to clean our RV’s tanks. We were happy with the service — and results — and quickly joined the All Pro Water Flow family, helping other RVers with their tank problems.

Reach out to us and we’ll explain more and give you a FREE estimate on cleaning your black and gray holding tanks as well as your water heater tank. Our service is the only way you will get your RV’s waste tank sensors working properly again. Thanks and see you out there!

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