We get asked about RV holding tank additives all the time, and one in particular — Tank Techs RX. Here’s what we think and know.

First of all, these three tank treatments work very well in RV holding tanks for odor control and waste break-down. These three tank treatments are the only tank additives that All Pro Water Flow dealers recommend. When we find items that work for RVers, naturally we want to pass on the information so that many can enjoy the benefits.

These three additives are TANK TECHS RX, ODOR AWAY, and SCENT GUARD. All three of these additives are produced by SCD Probiotics and ALL of these products are THE SAME PRODUCT.

They’re the same ingredients in the same one-liter bottle and the only difference is the number of middle-men involved in their marketing to the RV industry.

As Paul Harvey would have said, “And now for the rest of the story”

If you buy SCENT GUARD from SCDProbiotics.com, you get the one-liter bottle for $11.95. If you buy ODOR AWAY from Amazon.com, you will pay $13.50 for the one-liter bottle.

Now if money is no object, and if you truly believe that the more money you spend, the better the product will be, then you need to buy TANK TECHS RX at a 300 percent markup because of GREED. Just $39.95 for the same one-liter bottle.

It’s your choice.