Holding Tank Tips for Trips

All Pro Water-Flow wants you to know that Master Plumbers run this company and this web-site.   Plumbers who are also RV'rs.  We are the professionals who know how to clean pipes, valves and holding tanks.  If you will follow these basic procedures you can make your RV tank cleaning process last one to two years.

RV Holding Tank Recipe

  1. Take a 1 gallon jug
  2. Add 1/4 cup of Calgon Bath Beads (or Vaseline brand)
  3. Fill the jug half full with water and shake well
  4. Pour 40oz. of (pine Pinesole) in the jug and shake well
  5. You now have 128ozs. of holding tank odor control

(Before Your Trip)

  1. Filter all the water that goes into your RV through an Aqua-Mate filter (www.simplesiphon.com).
  2. Fill and flush your fresh water tank with lemon-bleach/white vinegar solutions.
  3. Put 5 gallons of water in black tank and add 8oz of "The Recipe" for odor control only.
  4. Put 5 gallons of water in gray tank and add 4oz of "The Recipe" for odor control only.
  5. Flush hot water heater and check anode rod.

(During Your Trip)

  1. Always filter incoming water to your RV (bad water will hurt everything).
  2. When camping, keep both black and gray valves closed (unless you have a clothes washer on your gray tank).
  3. Never empty tanks that are less than 3/4 full.
  4. Top off both black and gray tanks with clean water, when possible, before emptying.
  5. Always start off with a small amount of water in your tanks (NEVER start using your tanks when they are dry).
  6. Always use single-ply paper in RV's and boats.

(After Your Trip)

  1. When possible, drive home with your tanks 1/4 full and dump at your local dump station (this allows your tanks to "stir" themselves while you're driving).
  2. Store your sewer hose as clean as possible.
  3. If you winterize, always add a little RV antifreeze to your tanks (helps lube gaskets and valves).
  Remember, water flow is friction and friction is what cleans tanks.  The more water in and out of the tank is the best cleaning agent.

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Clean Tanks and A Clean Environment.

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